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Product Description

The recipe that made Davenport’s Tasty Sensations famous!

We begin with gourmet popping corn, add freshly roasted pecans and almonds, and then drape it with sumptuous,
old-world style butter toffee. This fusion of the finest
gourmet ingredients provides an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth experience.

One taste and you’ll be hooked!

Davenport’s ButterNut Crunch is our signature tasty sensation and has been enjoyed by our family for generations.
The exclusive recipe has been safeguarded – always
duplicated by others, but never replicated!

We take great pride in continuing the Davenport tradition. Close your eyes and imagine the taste of crunchy pecans and almonds, fresh gourmet popping corn, and rich buttery toffee. ButterNut Crunch has quickly gained recognition as being ‘second to none’ – we know you’ll agree!

Alberta Agriculture “Taste of Success” Finalist 1998

To preserve freshness, store ButterNut Crunch out of direct
sunlight for up to one year. The cooler temperature,
the better. Freezes very well.

*Gluten Free